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Tuning Your Team

Since 2010 I have been working with nowhere which is a global consultancy specializing in building and developing cultures of Innovation.  My main focus has been working with leadership in building their teams. Our philosophy is that when people and their teams are able to step into the unknown with a sense of purpose they call on their inner creativity and true innovation is born. We facilitate teams as they work through a variety of innovative processes designed to gently introduce them to the unknown. In this space our focus is to cultivate their creative genius that we believe lies dormant in each individual.

We also have a variety of micro skills and programs which aim to increase understanding, communication and foster healthy and productive relationships within teams.

My goals are to…

  • help you find solutions to your most intractable challenges,
  • help you build a culture of innovation in your business,
  • work with you to co-create game-changing strategies, and
  • show you how to move from high performance to peak performance.

I do this via the nowhere Practice: a revolutionary practice borne of over 20 years of development and refinement alongside some of the world’s biggest brands and most inspiring leaders.

The Tools I Use

Using a series of interventions, spanning as little as a day or as long as several months, nowhere imparts techniques that are self-sustaining. Each client’s journey is bespoke and tailored to unique business challenges, but we also draw on nowhere’s proprietary tools.

nowhere’s interventions include:

  • Tuning Teams with nMaps – This is a unique framework that identifies the patterns within us, within our culture and within our teams that need to be broken to enable higher levels of capacity. nMaps is a powerful tool used to unlock leaders’ and teams’ potential.
  • Purpose – A programme designed for leaders to tap into the their /their organisations unique purpose. It compels innovation and yields co-creative relationships with stakeholders.
  • Meeting Forms – Transforming the way we meet by learning how to work with information to significantly increase focus, productivity, and creativity.

If you would be interested enhancing your team or would like to know more please follow the enquire link below. You can also find out more about nowhere at

Private Coaching

Catalyzing transformation has always being a passion of mine. Throughout my life I’ve been doing this through many different channels. Whether it be Family Constellations Therapy, purpose work, working with teams or just being there to listen to someone, at the root its all really the same thing.

I believe that the secret to helping ourselves and others reach our potential is not in giving practical solutions and advice which attempts to solve our problems, rather through deep introspection and being present we realize who we truly are which in turns brings unlimited joy, satisfaction and meaning into our lives. Deep down this is what we truly seek.

It is my passion to hold this space for others and allow them to engage in this self exploration.

© 2019 Janet Goldblatt