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Do not sign up for this workshop if you are not ready to go out of your comfort zone and make some serious changes.

  • The Manifesting Your Purpose online workshop is a 10 week online workshop in which you will have the opportunity to explore behavioral patterns which hold you back, learn how to break those patterns, explore who you really are and where you come from and learn how to develop practices which will help you manifest your deepest self in the world.
Module 1

Breaking Patterns

With the aid of the ‘nMaps’ assessment tool you will receive a detailed analysis report, giving you deep insights into the conscious and unconscious patterns in your life which sabotage you and hold you back from reaching your highest potential. The first module will focus on becoming aware of these patterns and insights into breaking these patterns.

Module 2

What you resist persists: The wisdom of family constellations

In this module the group will move into the unknown and start to explore their personal ancestry and the narratives that have shaped them. You will learn about the impact that our families and their past traumas have on our current lives and how these insights can be reshaped through the power and wisdom of family and systemic constellations.

More About Family Constellations
Module 3

Manifesting Your Purpose

In the last module participants will develop practical disciplines which will help them express and manifest their personal essence and purpose. At this stage participants will reflect on what is needed to make their lives truly meaningful and happy and work on ways to actualize this.

The Workshop Includes:

Worksheets which will aid you in working through the modules

Regular Zoom calls for the duration of the 6 weeks with interactive breakout rooms

An interactive private WhatsApp group on which Janet will regularly post voice notes related to the topics of the appropriate module

6 private sessions with a coach

A personality assessment with a detailed report valued at $100 per assessment

A personal family constellation with Janet or another expert facilitator

The Next Upcoming Workshop Will Begin on The 16th August, 2020.

$1200 per person, all inclusive.

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