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Master Your Life Worksheet

The following worksheet is a list of questions designed to help you reflect on your current life situation and visualize your desired life. A fundamental principle which this exercise is based on is the idea that there are two opposing male and female like forces which bring everything into creation. Just like everything else in creation is bought into existence by these two forces, so too the new life which you envision for yourself will also need to be a product of the synthesis of these two forces.

These two forces have many names. Yin and Yang, male and female, darkness and light, life and death. The duality between these two forces is that one force is the initial and active driving force while the other is the more passive force which develops the initial force.

The easiest way to understand this is through the development of a foetus. The sperm is the initial active force. It has an agenda which it moves to. However, it is still highly undeveloped. The egg is the passive force which develops the foetus into a baby. The egg is totally passive but allows for the continued and consistent development of the foetus.

In this sense we could say one force is a giving force and the other is a limiting force. The egg limits the sperm’s exciting journey into 9 months of slow, tedious growth and development. However, this slow and tedious growth is what the foetus needs. It is what allows for true development.

In a similar sense when a person gets an idea me may feel extremely excited about it and want to make actualize his idea overnight. However, we all know it does not work like that. The idea needs consistent nurturing and attending to (just like the foetus) before it eventually finds itself to be a reality.

This is the most fundamental rule of creation. There is an initial expression which needs to be limited in order to reach its fruition. All the examples of dual creative forces work together in this manner to actualize all that we see and experience.

The reflective exercise below is based on this principle. It consists of 4 questions which sequentially give a broad perspective on the situation and then limit it by focusing on a single aspect and therefore allow for practical solutions.

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