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Are you feeling like you are lacking meaning and fulfillment in your life? The biggest reason why people feel this way is because they don’t live their life with a sense of purpose. Purpose means being in touch with your deepest self and constantly expressing that deeper self.

What Will You Gain From Power of Purpose

Learning about your deepest self and actualizing it are not always so easy. It requires tools, practice and patience. In this masterclass I will discuss some of the tools and practices I have found most powerful for learning about and actualizing purpose. These tools include contemplative/meditative exercises which will help you get in touch with your deeper self and practical tools to integrate practices in your life which will help you live a more meaningful life.

A summary of the Masterclass and worksheets with the exercises practiced in the class will be sent to you after the completion of the Masterclass.

Whats Included

The nature of the class is interactive, therefore you will be provided the opportunity to try the exercises during the class. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and offer insights.


Date: 9 September 2020

Time: 16:00hrs – 18:00hrs

Price: R70.00 per person

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