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A 2-day workshop that helps leaders and individuals rediscover their core purpose and increase their influence.

Fee : R10 000.00 per person Including Accommodation

Status: Fully Booked


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“The 2 most important days in your life are the day that you are born and the day you find out why”

Mark Twain

Based on an ancient rite of passage, a Purpose Quest is usually a transformational experience for all involved. It is generated from a moment of individual breakthrough, and has a quality, power and resonance that puts it into a completely different league in comparison with other self-development processes.

Many participants describe it as life changing.

For Leaders…

Every leader needs a deep purpose to guide their actions and increase their impact. As leaders, tapping into our purpose becomes the antidote to just fitting in and doing what everybody else is doing. Purpose provides a source of energy and inspiration which allows us to sustain an appetite for discovery, co-creation and innovation.

Positive Impact

How do I make wise, breakthrough decisions and increase my influence? Leverage my increased clarity and purpose by exploring my journey to wisdom and how to accelerate it. Build my life from tomorrow, around my new or refined purpose.

In our everyday lives…

No matter who we are and where were we are heading, at some point life will get fuzzy and important things will become unclear. At key points in our lives, we need to re-connect with our purpose, the unique gift which shapes our contribution and re-excites us about the possibilities in front of us. An understanding of purpose can bring a much more profound meaning to life and can act as a creative springboard guiding decisions and actions.

Purpose Quest

What is my core purpose? Rediscovering my essence – the unique gift that I bring to the world to enhance and expand my influence. The Purpose Quest is a journey from the somewhat known, to the unknown, to a confident, creative space – ready for action.

The Workshop – 2 days

Workshop Outline

The learning outcome is to craft a purpose statement and a vision to shape the future. Pre work involves a deep reflection on one’s life. The workshop begins with expanding on this work via exercises and reflections with a view to identifying emergent themes. Next comes the 4 hour solitary purpose quest – a walk in nature noticing symbols, patterns, journaling and making connections. Debriefing in the group and one on one conversations to help crystallise the key concepts of individual purpose.

There is a wonderful process where participants own and share their purpose statement. Everyone develops a vision and formulates a plan as to how to leverage and live their purpose.

Lead by the nowhere group

nowhere was founded on helping organisations and individuals re-discover their core purpose. This workshop will be held by one of nowhere’s most experienced catalysts, Janet Goldblatt.

Janet Goldblatt

Janet is a certified Facilitator with Young President’s Organization (YPO) – the world’s largest CEO network. She has been facilitating personal lifestyle and transformational workshops for over 10 years. Janet has worked with many individuals and leaders on Retreat using various tools which include systemic principles. Her work is based on the premise that we spend most of our thoughts in the unconscious realm. The Purpose Quest is an opportunity to manifest our potential on purpose and with great success!


“This event was one of the most pivotal and memorable YPO education events I have ever attended.”

“Discovering and verbalising my purpose, confirmed my passion for bringing innovations to life, and has left no doubt about unfolding contribution to humanity (from a business perspective).”

“Purpose Quest with Janet Goldblatt was an incredibly meaningful experience. I was very surprised how much I gained from the workshop. I thought I was already connected with my purpose but I emerged with a statement and commitment to myself, about the impact I want to have in my world and the world. I read my purpose every morning as it shows up in my calendar. It gives me energy, focus, and clarity. Janet is a very gifted catalyst and I am grateful that I experienced the Purpose Quest workshop under her worthy leadership.”

“My journey after the Purpose Quest Retreat shifted to dimensions I could not possibly have imagined achievable! I just wanted to find out what else? What else is out there for me? And the answer came to me on the retreat.”

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