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We have programs which aim to increase understanding, communication and foster healthy and productive relationships within teams.

About Me

For the last 15 years I have been involved in facilitating and catalyzing personal growth and change in others. My passion is to understand people and their personal greatness with the intention to help them bring their greatness to the world.

July 22, 2020


What is forgiveness really? Who or what are we forgiving and most of all, is the receiver of your forgiveness even aware that they need to be forgiven? Most of…
July 21, 2020

The Magic in You

Each of us has a little magic in us. Why do I call it magic? Well, because no one can really explain exactly what it is and where it comes…
July 20, 2020

How to Avoid Burnout

There are tons of people in the world who are filling their life with activities, chores, jobs and practices which they would rather not do. We are told from a…

A little bit about my website...

When I began creating my website I wanted to create a platform where people could acquire resources that would help them discover who they really are and how they wish to express themselves in the world.

I present regular webinars which will help you explore parts of yourself you never knew existed and help you see a beauty within yourself you never knew was there.

I upload free resources regularly such as facilitator tools, personal-growth worksheets and guided meditations.

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Adam CrackerCEO IQ Group, Johannesburg , SA

This event was one of the most pivotal and memorable YPO education events I have ever attended.” It changed my life and the life of my business.

Barry KaplanCo-Author: Power of Vulnerability , New Jersey US

Purpose Quest with Janet is a remarkably powerful experience that exceeded my expectations. I had explored my purpose in several other contexts and yet was moved to a clearer and deeper connection to my essence. Moreover, the experience framed how I now shape my life path. Janet is an intuitive, soul-stirring catalyst, who deeply listens for the opportunity of a breakthrough.

Maryanne MooneyAuthor: The Worthy Leader , Australia

Purpose Quest with Janet Goldblatt was an incredibly meaningful experience. I was very surprised at how much I gained from the workshop. I thought I was already connected with my purpose but I emerged with a statement and commitment to myself, about the impact I want to have in my world and the world. I read my purpose every morning as it shows up in my calendar. It gives me energy, focus, and clarity. Janet is a very gifted catalyst and I am grateful that I experienced the Purpose Quest workshop under her worthy leadership.

Tumisang R. KgaboeseleChief Executive officer, Johannesburg

The initial brief to Janet was to work with Autopax to lay the foundation for personal and leadership for the participants. Everyone left the workshop with a renewed sense of purpose. Highly recommended to any individual, leader or corporation that wants to experience a true leadership transformational journey. Autopax is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PRASA and has an employee base of over 1400 people.

Kris AngAuthor of StEpS: The Journey to Self-Empowerment, Singapore

I just wanted to find out what else? What else is out there for me? And the answer came to me on the retreat.” Before Dec 2019, no one knew that I wrote poems or even enjoyed writing poems. I didn’t even think I could write poems with such fervent passion and commitment. But when I connected the dots at the retreat, I just needed to let my soul speak to me and what resulted was a published poetry book, first of its kind in Aug 2019, eight months after the retreat! I believe it’s amazing!!


During my tenure as Regional CEO for Deloitte Janet facilitated a day workshop for 20 of my Partners from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi in Cape Town. It was a huge success and Janet was very instrumental in bringing a group of initially sceptical auditors and accountants out of their comfort zones into the “unknown” and to look at our business with a different and more innovative lens. Janet has a very special way of engaging teams that helps individuals to understand themselves better and how to improve team dynamics and to unleash growth potential.

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