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Introducing Upside! A revolutionary problem actioning system for coaching individuals, forums and teams. After years in development, the response from clients like Google is phenomenal. Contact me to learn how Upside can upskill you and your team to make impactful, lasting change #upside #bringingwisdomtolife


Upside has been developed by Janet Goldblatt (South Africa), Barry Kaplan (USA), Maryanne Mooney (Australia) and Patience Shutts (USA) – four catalysts who have worked with tens of thousands of leaders across the globe. They are all accredited facilitators with YPO – the world’s largest CEO network and between them they have over a century of effecting individual and group developmental change.

They created Upside – a unique, powerful problem-actioning system. Upside guides individuals, groups, leaders and teams to action significant unresolved challenges. The process formulates breakthrough questions, describes success, visually maps out dilemmas, identifies limiting thinking and behaviour patterns, expands perspectives via feedback, resources and gains commitment to real change. All of this takes place in one impactful hour!

In the past 2.5 years, Upside has been refined and tested in the field (with forums and coaching clients not with corporate teams) and feedback has been extremely positive.

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