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How do you think others would describe you?

How would you respond to a difficult math problem?

How do you respond to confrontation?

What outdoor activity would you rather do?

What would you rather do with your time?

Would you rather read a book about...

Which statement best describes the way you usually relate to others?

What is the highlight of your vacations?

What role would best describe you in a team?

How would you describe yourself at a party?

4 Personality Types: Personality Quizz

This personality type is usually very strong socially. They enjoy spending time with others and gaining their approval and attention. Their weakness is that they often lack ambition and productivity skills. 

Cholerics are authoritative personality types. They are good at taking charge of a situation and make powerful leaders. Their weakness is their lack of tolerance for those who aren't as capable as them.

If you are phlegmatic you are easy going and enjoy peace. This type of personality finds it easy to be sympathetic and desires to help others. Their weakness is a lack of ambition and not standing up for themselves. 

Melancholics are disciplined and strong intellectuals. They enjoy stimulating tasks and are good at solving difficult problems. Their weakness is their lack of social skills and OCD-like behavior. 

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