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Janet Goldblatt

Personal growth and transformation catalyst


For the last 15 years I have been involved in facilitating and catalysing personal growth and change in others. My passion is to understand people and their personal greatness with the intention to help them bring their greatness to the world.

Through my own experience of finding strength and purpose through times of adversity, I have learned how to work with others in helping them to do the same.

Today this is the focus of my life. I help others find meaning, purpose and understand what makes them who they are, to help them to find their essence, mastery and ultimately their genius . So whether you are looking for your own personal growth and self-actualization, or whether you are looking to find new meaning, cohesiveness and purpose among your team, register for one of my Retreats or Workshops or book a private session.


Janet Goldblatt @ 0827713164

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