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The key to building cultures of innovation in organizations lies in the ability to harness the diversity of it’s individuals.

In every organization there exists potential for untold innovation and productivity. Every single person is unique and has some kind of special or creative talent which can bring wisdom, insight and innovation to the organization.

Therefore, the key ingredient to creating cultures of innovation is appreciation of diversity. In these cultures individuals are encouraged to express their individuality, resulting in a collective intelligence of individuals who all have something insightful, innovative and original to offer.

The potential for such cultures is unfathomable. We have all seen the impact that unique and creative individuals have had on our world just on their own. Such individuals have one thing in common: they were totally true to who they were. Imagine what a whole group of such people can do.

To accomplish this it’s not enough to just acknowledge those who are different from us, we have to learn to appreciate them for who they are and see the greatness of their uniqueness. This in truth can only be accomplished once we, as individuals become aware of our own uniqueness. This enables us to feel confident and fulfilled enough to appreciate others who are different and therefore will not feel threatened by them. No human being is redundant or unnecessary. It is our responsibility as leaders not only to discover our own unique self, but to also help others find theirs. In this lies the possibility for an inclusive culture in which individuals are encouraged to bring their mastery to life in their respective teams.

3 Ways To Encourage Members of Your Organization to Express Their Individuality

Below are just 3 simple practices you can implement which will encourage those who interact with you to feel free to express their uniqueness.

Listen Deeply

When others feel like they are being listened to it increases their sense of self value. This enables them to feel more comfortable to express who they really are.

Reflective Dialogue

When someone tells you something, sometimes responding by giving advice can really undermine their sense of self esteem. It sometimes come across to them as though they are incapable and not trusted enough to contribute value to their teams. When we respond by reflecting back we are in essence encouraging them to continue to bring their wisdom to the organization and it harnesses self-belief in the individual.

Positive Feedback

When people receive positive feedback it has great impact on their self worth. They feel valued and naturally desire to add value to the organization.




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