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Each of us has a little magic in us. Why do I call it magic? Well, because no one can really explain exactly what it is and where it comes from, but we all know it’s there. Let’s try to explain it a little.

When I was younger I noticed a distinction between two types of musicians. There were those who sounded generic. Not that they weren’t good, but they sounded pretty similar to a lot of other musicians within their genre. There were other musicians who on the other hand had a signature style which made them distinguishable. If you asked me what it was that made them distinguishable, I couldn’t point it out to you, but it was almost as if their music was an expression of a deeper part of themselves.

This concept exists for any form of expression. There are certain people who have a unique way of doing things which is so ‘them’. It may even be something trivial like buying something, or getting a coffee. It exists within all spheres of their existence.

My opinion is that these people are deeply in tune and happy with who they are. Therefore the deepest and most beautiful parts of who they are have found a way to express themselves externally as well.

A lot of us lack knowledge of who we are and on some level and may even be ashamed of it. This has extinguished our flame and made it challenging and intimidating to express the deepest parts of who we are. People in this category will sometimes lack confidence and other times will copy other people around them to make sure whatever they are doing is approved and acceptable.

True joy however, can only come from tapping into your true magic. I think that in general that is what we are all looking for. We want to understand our magic and manifest it in the world. It’s something we all have a deep desire for.

Carl Jung developed a theory called collective consciousness which explains that all humans regardless of cultural background have an inherited set of mind-sets and beliefs. This theory explains why so many different cultures have stories, symbols and folk-lore with similar themes. These stories are an expression of an inherited subconscious which exists in all of us. In other words, the stories we tell are a deep expression of who we are.

I believe that it is for this reason different people are attracted to different kinds of stories. It resonates with something deep within them. Think about a movie or book that inspired you. Try to remember what it felt like. Didn’t it feel like something deep inside you was activated and motivated? That was your magic! Something woke it up! It wanted to come out.

We all feel it sometimes. Some of us more than others. I personally believe there are some people who are in a constant state of magic.

How do we get more in touch with our magic? Well, for starters it definitely entails learning about ourselves and becoming more in tune with who we are. There is no specific way of doing this but I’ll give you one exercise to try:

The next time you feel really good and inspired take some time to write down (if you don’t have paper you can use your phone) what it is about that moment that has inspired you. By reflecting on this you can learn how to recreate that feeling.

If you can learn to master your magic, I guarantee you that no matter what circumstances surround you, you will always be able to find joy in the moment. Just living and being will become tremendously pleasurable.

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